Urban Ascetic School of Management and Mysticism

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I am a practitioner of the primal arts, martial, magickal, tantric and healing. A former professional athlete turned cripple, who seems to have recovered and somewhere along the way learned a new definition of freedom.

It may seem strange to be passionate about the very violent world of the martial arts as well as a very peaceful healing art. Ok, I admit it, it's a little weird. But I feel that all body work and all martial arts are simply different aspects of the whole that is understanding the dynamics of the human body-form.

Frankly, I'm a strange fellow. I enjoy many types of geeky pursuits mostly centered on gaming. I play Magic: the Gathering like a dope fiend plays heroine. I've even written a couple of articles about it. And I once Appeared on Magicthegathering.com as some sort of pundit. I am a far left progressive socialist, a rabid Ultimate Fighting Championship fan, and very odd duck. I read Tarot cards and have extensive knowledge of pressure points and meridians, despite never having been taught either of those subjects.

I have a couple of black belts, and I am a certified Reiki Master Teacher (Usui Reiki Ryoho, L:3) I am endlessly fascinated by human energy.

Sometimes I do work as a Shaman, hands-on healing as well a custom ritual work, visions sought and retrieved.

In the sleepy world I work as a glorified, sales-oriented, secretary. I am an automotive service adviser at a busy eco-conscious repair shop. I have worked in sales, and formally studied energy and Magick since I was 16, which has left me jaded, pragmatic, snarky and somehow still a bit hopeful.

I also fully endorse and support Ninjas as well as Pirates. Seriously, let's end the rivalry.

I offer the following services, by appointment:


Distance Reiki: $25/hour.

Hands-On Reiki: $35-50/hour, fees based on difficulty of work and how long or short-term the problem is.

1-on-1 Reiki Instruction:
Level One: I teach Level One in a series of four Attunement and Training sessions. The fourth Attunement includes Symbol and Mantra Training. Each session is $50.

Level Two: I teach Level Two as an afternoon class, lasting 2-4 hours depending on the student. The Level Two Training, which includes Symbol and Mantra work as well as Distance Healing, costs $100

Level Three: I offer Master Level instruction by invitation only.

Vraxgrimm@gmail.com, or just post a reply with your email address here. Posts are screened.

"So: lots of crying and fear for awhile and I was just starting to get stabilized when vrax checked in to see how our household was doing. His timing (I am learning) is amazing. He's really the best energy healer I've ever had -- effective on a lot of different levels."
~ Virginia, client

Each ritual or rite is tailored to the client. So are the prices. It all depends on the seeker and that which is sought.

Personalized Martial Instruction:
A two-hour lesson costs $50. I will tailor the training to your goals and capabilities.

Currently I accept Cash, Check and Paypal (verified).

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